Security & Antivirus Licences

It’s important to ensure that your computer is fully protected from the constantly growing threat of viruses and malware. You can protect your computer and ensure your online safety by browsing Malhi Online’s range of antivirus software licenses.

Antivirus software protects you by offering a massive layer of security for your computer, protecting you from online threats and malicious software. Our range of antivirus software includes security features such as file encryption, online transaction protection, ransomware protection, and anti-phishing.

With Malhi Online, you’ll be able to pick up antivirus software licenses from the top brands in the industry, such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender, while also saving money due to the reduction in price compared to other providers. Antivirus licenses can be picked up for multiple users for different periods of time, ensuring that your computer is secure for at least a year.